Here at SR Electrical Services LTD, we design and install electrical installations in various types of combustible dust industries. We have experience working in various combustible dust industries, such as flour, sugar, pharmaceutical, and powder paint.

Engineers of the SR Electrical Services LTD team are qualified to CompEx modules 05 and 06 to ensure your workplace and staff safety and quality in the work being provided. 

We are also an accredited NICEIC Hazardous Area Approved Contractor, a bonded member of the ECA, and CHAS Members; giving our clients the knowledge that we are regularly audited and keep up to date with current regulations and procedures. 

A combustible dust is any fine material within your workplace which has the ability of catching fire and exploding when mixed with air. These types of hazardous dust can be from metals, most solid organic materials – such as sugar, flour, grain, wood – and some non-metallic and inorganic materials. Alone, they are not combustible, however, they can burn and/or explode if the particles of dust are the right size and in the right concentration. According to The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), a combustible dust is “a solid material composed of distinct particles or pieces, regardless of size, shape, or chemical composition, which presents a fire or deflagration hazard when suspended in air or some other oxidising medium over a range of concentrations”. 

Any activity that creates dust within the workplace should be inspected to ensure that there is no risk of the dust being combustible. If there is – the SR Electrical Services LTD team can work with your organisation to create a suitable solution to prevent any hazardous events from occurring. 

Dust is small and can collect on various surfaces throughout your workplace – such as roofs, surfaces, crevices, on and around equipment, and so-on. Therefore, where there is dust, there is potential for a serious explosion to occur. Any build-up of dust can cause serious damage. 

Is your workplace at risk? 

If you’re in the dust industry, and work in any of the following areas, you may be at risk of combustible dust explosions that could happen at any time. 

Food production 

Chemical manufacturing (rubber, plastic, pharmaceuticals) 

Coal-fired power plants

Recycling facilities 

Metal processing

If you suspect your workplace may be at threat of a combustible dust explosion, or if you simply want to get something cleared up by the team – get in touch with us today on 01562 750804, or email us at today. You can also complete the simple contact form here. 

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