The Ultimate Guide to Planned Preventative Maintenance

Monday 20 January


A Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) program helps to avoid the breakdown or failure of equipment before it actually occurs, with maintenance at regular intervals. As a result, it aims to greatly reduce reactive maintenance, and retain your assets at the necessary quality and safety standard. 

Top 3 benefits of having a PPM program:

The reason why a Planned Preventative Maintenance program is important to have in place is because it can promote better safety, health, and environmental conditions for your workforce. Not only this, but the following points highlight the beneficial factors that result in this service being highly recommended.

1. Uninterrupted business operations

One disruption to a piece of equipment can have a large effect on a business process. Especially for those who rely on the equipment, in order to be able to work as effectively as possible. Therefore, having a PPM program will allow sustained productivity and morale, with no deadlines being missed. 

2. Increase the lifespan of your plant and equipment

Most equipment these days is not cheap, so the better a company cares for its equipment, the longer it will last. This program will prolong the life of equipment; eliminating the premature replacement of equipment, reducing costs, and increasing business profitability.

3. Significant cost savings 

Efforts are focused on preventing equipment failure rather than responding to emergencies - which highlights why a Planned Preventative Maintenance program is much cheaper. This is because you’re not waiting for a problem to happen that can take far longer to recover, and as a result be far more costly. 

These benefits, to name only a few can have direct and substantial effects on a company and are essential for an efficient, reliable, and safe production process. Any change in circumstances can lead to a huge inconvenience, and most businesses don’t realise the severity of not taking this service on board.

What a PPM program involves:

Are you wondering what a Planned Preventative Maintenance service involves? If you invest into this service, our engineers will cover the following work to make sure that all equipment is up to the required standards: 

  • Equipment checks
  • Replacement of worn parts 
  • General overhauls 
  • Specialist servicing

The bottom-line:

At SR Electrical, we can offer a bespoke program which is tailored to your business needs.

From installations to refurbishments, our qualified electrical engineers can provide a general, proactive, and reactive electrical service that will improve the quality and efficiency of all your equipment.  To find out more please visit:

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