Top Tips for Solvent and Chemical Storage

Wednesday 14 April

When working with and storing chemicals and solvents in the workplace, it is extremely important to do so correctly. Otherwise known as COSHH products, these materials require adherence to COSHH Regulations / Dsear Regulations and need to meet the requirements for safe chemical storage – it is paramount to hazardous area safety. 

The SR Electrical Services LTD are experts in the solvent and chemical storage field and have compiled top tips for safe storage of your hazardous materials, which you can read below. These tips and best practices will help enhance the safety and compliance of your business and business processes. 

1. Always ensure incompatible chemicals are stored separately to prevent mixing if spillage occurs 

2. Always store corrosives on spill trays to prevent damage or injury if spillage occurs 

3. Be sure to not mix specific chemicals and be knowledgeable of what these chemicals are. We have included a list of some chemicals which SHOULD NOT be mixed below: 

Chlorine CANNOT be mixed with ammonia, acetylene, benzene, butadiene, hydrogen, any petroleum gases, sodium carbide, or turpentine

Acetone CANNOT be mixed with bromine, chlorine, nitric acid, sulfuric acid, or hydrogen peroxide 

Iodine CANNOT be mixed with acetylene, ammonia, or hydrogen 

4. Always ensure you are following COSHH Regulations 

How can SR Electrical Services LTD help?

If you are unsure as to the safety and compliance of your solvent and chemical storage, why not get in touch with our experts? We can conduct COSHH / Dsear risk assessments to identify potential hazards within your workplace and provide a plan on how to best eliminate and reduce risks. Discover more about how we can help here.

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ISO 14001 ISO 9001 CHAS APEA ECA CompEx NICEIC Approved Contractor NICEIC Hazardous Achilles