Fuel storage depot with offloading facilities and new bottom loading skid

  • Installed new 4 arm bottom loading skid complete with 4 Nº pump motors & loading panel.
  • Installed IHLA system complete with ATEX level switches in 7º N fuel storage tanks.
  • Installed 1 Nº static earthing system for all fuel storage tanks, offloading facilities & loading facilities.
  • Installed 1 Nº ATEX submersible sump pump.
  • Installed 6 Nº 8 metre “Abacus” lighting columns complete with 400 watt HQI floodlight fittings.
  • Installed emergency stop control system around the plant.
  • Installed 8 Nº LED 41-watt noncorrodible lighting fittings on top of fuel storage tanks.

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