The Importance of Regular DSEAR Assessments

Tuesday 21 November

It’s common knowledge that following the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 is an essential measure to protect your business from fire and explosion. These regulations are often followed by businesses through initial DSEAR assessments at the design stage. 

However, incidents are occurring in which businesses haven’t been proactive with their safety measures and are following outdated assessments. Without regular DSEAR assessments, you could be putting your employees and property at risk.

HSE generally recommends that businesses carry out updated DSEAR risk assessments and inspections every 3-5 years. For sites that handle particularly high-risk dangerous substances, this time period can be even shorter. Here are 3 reasons why you should get proactive with your risk assessments:

To Address Operational Changes

This can include significant developments such as introducing new equipment or smaller, less obvious changes such as a restructuring of staff. Adjustments to the hazardous substances present are also crucial, as a change in the type or amount of substances in a facility can affect hazardous area zoning.

It’s essential to consider how changes to your business may impact DSEAR in terms of the risks present and the control measures that must be in place to avoid ignition. It’s worthwhile to take a reflective approach and consider what changes your business has undergone in the recommended 3-5 years scope.

To Keep on Top of Industry Changes

While internal changes are crucial, it’s important to consider recent industry changes too. Throughout the various industries in which hazardous substances are present, there will be developments in knowledge such as new research surrounding a substance that may impact your control measures or zoning. 

This also pertains to recent incidents and accidents that can serve as important learning experiences and prevent similar instances. Staying up-to-date with changes that may impact your business can be easily identified through DSEAR assessments.

To Follow Best Practice

Even if you can’t identify any significant operational changes or legislative changes, it is best practice to periodically review your processes in compliance with DSEAR. As previously mentioned, this is particularly important if your business is at a high risk due to the dangerous substances present. For businesses at risk, an annual assessment is recommended. 

There have been cases where incidents have occurred that are proven to be a result of improper regulation compliance or ignoring recommendations. By ensuring your business has carried out thorough DSEAR risk assessments you are establishing optimal health and safety measures.

Is Your Business Due an Updated Assessment?

If any of the above reasons for a review resonate with your business, it’s not too late to take action and get fully compliant. Here at SR Electrical Services, our detailed DSEAR assessments are tailored to your particular facility and the dangerous substances present.

Firstly, we will identify the risks present and provide a helpful report of prioritised recommendations that will keep your workplace safe. To get started with your personalised assessment, contact our team of hazardous area experts here.

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